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Columbia University School of the Arts

Master's of Fine Arts


Last Days of Judas Iscariot 

Directed by Ron Van Lieu

2019-04-28 16.25.38
2019-04-28 17.22.45
2019-04-28 17.46.07-1-1
2019-04-28 16.28.03
2019-04-28 16.42.00 HDR

Shapiro Theater

April – May 2019

The Feather Doesn't Fall Far from the Wing

​Written, composed, and directed by Ayvaunn Penn

2018-05-06 23.27.08
Happy Closing to this amazing company!!
2018-05-08 12.02.10
2018-05-11 20.39.12

Production Team:

Musical Director and Vocal Arranger: Brittany Steele, Production Stage Manager: R. Christopher Maxwell, Scenic Designer: Anna Driftmier, Costume Consultant: Imani Lia, Lighting Designer: Abby Hoke-Brady, Sound Designer: Ian Wehrle, Fight Choreographer: Ann Cooley, Co-Dance Choreographer: Allison Beler, Makeup Consultant: Lila Elias


Katy Early, Jonathan Frye, Darwin Del Fabro, Malcolm King, Emily Oliveira, Maggie Tully, Yeena Sung, Jae Woo*, and the vocal talent of Theresa Arthur, Liza Couser, Talent Davis, Hannah Kraft, Maïlys Arbaoui Westphal, Claire-Frances Sullivan, Phanesia Pharel, Eliya Rodeh, Judy Brown-Steele, Shannon Henderson, Talent Davis, Nathaniel Ryan.

Signature Theater

April – May 2019

The Escape or Leap for Freedom

by William Wells Brown

Directed by Mark H.

excited face you make when its opening t
That time I was a stand in for a missing
Here's the model for our amazing set
Minds at werk.
Fix and focus #TheEscape #techweek #psml
We are just about ready to take over the

Production Team:

Directed by Mark H., Producer: Andreas Huang, Production Stage Manager: R Christopher Maxwell, Assistant Stage Managers: Lanie Liu & & Lola Bao, Company Manager: Laura Peterson, Music Director: Jerome Brooks, Jr., Composer: Nolan Williams Jr., Dance Choreographer: Matia Johnson, Scenic Designers: Maryam Khosravi, Props Supervisor: Cole Stern, Costume Designer: Ramaj Jamar, Lighting Designer: Tim van’t Hof, Assistant Lighting Designer: Tyler Dubuc, Sound & Video Designer: Ian Wehrle, Fight Choreographer: Mark H., Makeup Designer: Jas Lee, Graphic Designer: Anchuli Felicia King

Adeyinka Adebola, Odera Adimorah, Ademide Akintilo*, Candace Boahene, Trevor Brown*, Aisha Carpenter, Dawn Clements, David Glover, Shaniqua Henry, Brian Demar Jones*, Ben Killen, Jacqueline Nwabueze, Anthony Pratt, Nathaniel J. Ryan, Judy Brown-Steele, Tamera Tomakili, Titus VanHook, Justin Withers.

Lenfest Center for the Arts

January – February 2018

The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Mikhaela Mahony

Production photos #theseagull #gradlife.

Shapiro Theater

January – February 2018

Interdisciplinary Arts Council

2017–2018 President

Executive Board


Kate Irwin (Spring 2018), Writing

Catherine Kosiba (Fall 2017), Film


Brianna Williams



Tina Chang



Claire Brooks (Film)

Kamari Carter (Sound Art)

Myranda D'Apolito (Film and Media Studies)

Jacquelyn Gallo (Writing)

Manola Gonzalez (Writing)

Kate Irwin (Writing)

Philippa Kane (Theatre)

Kio Shijiki (Film)

Barbara Twist (Film)


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